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金融管理碩士在職專班 In-service Master Program of Financial Management

Department Introduction


Our In-service Master Program of Financial Management program offers a rich curriculum with flexible scheduling, providing opportunities to expand professional networks while maintaining work commitments. The program offers reasonable credit fees and emphasizes a refined, professional approach to education with a focus on practical teaching.

The course content is designed to encompass various aspects of finance, law, business management, anti-money laundering, AI, and data science. Additionally, we have an exclusive business management course supervised by Dr. Kenichi Ohmae from Japan. Students have the opportunity to visit Japan and interact with business elites, fostering real-world capabilities.

Our program is tailored to meet the needs and characteristics of different types of business operations, cultivating talented individuals who aspire to excel in the field of management and possess practical skills.


The main feature of this program is "Industry-Academia Collaboration," which closely partners with China Trust Bank to promote innovation in teaching, research, and practical operations. The theoretical courses are taught by academic faculty members, while practical professional courses incorporate regular on-site instruction.

We plan to organize overseas visits for the program every academic year to stay abreast of international trends and facilitate exchanges and interactions among students from different industries. Alongside the professional curriculum, we offer various activities such as wine tasting, ballroom dancing, tennis, golf, and canoeing, aimed at cultivating well-rounded individuals with expertise in financial management and strong international networking skills.

Through this integrated approach, we strive to nurture our students into versatile and internationally savvy financial professionals.